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When your property needs window replacement services, you need to call us!

Are your windows older or original to your Winston-Salem, North Carolina property? Are you considering window replacement? There are many reasons why you might need to call on our team here at Shoemaker Glass and Mirror for window replacement, and energy efficiency is just one of them. Let’s explore a few more reasons why you could use our window replacement services for your Winston-Salem property.

Window Replacement in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

First, let’s discuss energy efficiency. Windows and doorframes account for a large portion of energy loss in most properties, especially older ones with single-pane windows. With just less than half of your utilities quite literally going out the window, opting for window replacement with more efficient windows is a smart and economical choice.

Second, window replacement services are great for anyone who has been affected by a neighbor’s fly ball through their window, cracks that have turned into holes, or accidental breaks of any kind. While we can often replace the pane of glass instead of the entire window, there are occasions where window replacement is the best course of action.

Third, we can work with large window replacements for commercial uses. These windows include things like the windows you see in front of pharmacies, bank teller stations, or even storefronts.

Here at Shoemaker Glass and Mirror, we have been working with replacement windows, new windows, storefront windows, vinyl windows and all sorts of glass products for over 40 years now. With that level of experience, you can feel confident calling us for window replacement knowing that the work will be done correctly.


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