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Mirrors can do so much for your home or business, and we can help you achieve whatever objective you have in mind.

There are many different benefits of mirrors – from getting ready in the morning to gracing a dressing room at a clothing store, mirrored furniture, or accenting a wall to give the illusion that a room is larger, just to name a few. At Shoemaker Glass and Mirror, you need only to envision the mirrors you would like for your home or business, and we can create them for you. Our experience with custom mirrors and mirror replacement goes back more than 40 years in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area, so we are confident you’ll find the experience and the results to your liking.

Mirrors in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Mirrors have changed quite a bit since they were first invented in the 1800s by a German chemist. Of course, that is what we think of as today’s modern mirrors, where a metallic silver has been added to a pane of glass. This is not to say that mankind was unable to see their image before that, as other methods to create a mirrored appearance have been utilized for thousands of years, such as polishing volcanic glass, stone, bronze or copper to create a reflection.

There are several ways in which we can assist you with mirrors, including cabinet doors, tables, protective tops for furniture, mirrored backsplashes, and more. We are always happy to discuss the project you have in mind or assess the broken mirror you have and how we can resolve the problem.

Rather than worrying about seven years of bad luck from a broken mirror, good luck will be on your side when you call on us to replace your mirror! Contact us today to learn more about our mirror services or stop by our showroom to see our various glass products for your home or business.