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Our experienced team can help you with commercial and residential door installation needs.

Do you need new doors? Are your doors broken or outdated? Do they not hang quite right in the frame? Are you tired of trying to force your way through a door every time the humidity gets too high? Here at Shoemaker Glass and Mirror, we have a wide variety of doors in our selection that can help make those annoyances go away! Whether you are working on a new construction property or want to update an older one, our team here at Shoemaker Glass and Mirror wants to help ensure that your door installation and selection go off without a hitch.

Door Installation in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Due to our over four decades of experience working with homes and businesses in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area, we know how to take care of all of your door installation needs. If you are working with oversized doors or a large volume of doors, we won’t need to skip a beat. Instead, we will get right to work on your door installation, and you’ll quickly see that our experience, work ethic and quality results are just some of the reasons we have stayed in business this long.

Our door installation services take the guesswork out of trying to hang a door yourself. When we take care of your door installation, you can rest assured that all your doors will be properly fitted and perfectly level every time. No matter what type of door installation you need, let us help you at Shoemaker Glass and Mirror.


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