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Turn to us to install or replace interior and exterior doors for your home or business, as well as for repair services.

The doors to your Winston-Salem, North Carolina home or business are more than just points of entry and exit. They can also add beauty to your property, protect against severe weather and intruders, and so much more. At Shoemaker Glass and Mirror, we offer a variety of doors, as well as services to install them and keep them in top condition.

Doors in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

If you are considering replacement doors to improve your property, we are happy to go over the various options, and you can visit our showroom for inspiration, as well. We will go over the features and benefits of different types of doors, so you can meet the objectives that you have in mind.

In addition to residential and commercial installation of doors, we also provide repair services, including storm door repair and door closure repair. If you have doors that have glass insets and the glass becomes broken or you would like a different type of glass, we can also assist you with that situation. For example, certain types of businesses often check in with us to discuss ballistic glass for the added security it provides.

You should also know that entry doors are not the only doors we can assist you with. We also install and repair shower doors, interior office doors, and more. You should never hesitate to ask us about doors you need, as there is very little that we haven’t done in the past 40+ years of serving the Winston-Salem area with quality glass, mirrors, windows, doors, and more. Call today to learn more or stop by our showroom for a visit.


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